Terms and Conditions

The hereby Terms and Conditions present the detailed conditions of using sitehoover.com Internet service, owned and administered by W3media.pl s.c. with headquarters as 15 Powstania Warszawskiego avenue in Cracow, Poland, hereinafter referred to as the Operator.

The Operator offers electronic services and his operation within this field is regulated by law of the Republic of Poland, in particular by regulations of the Act issued on 18th July 2002 on offering electronic services (Journal of Laws from 2002, No 144, pos. 1204, from 2004, No 96, pos. 959, No 173, pos. 1808, from 2007, No 50, pos. 331)

The hereby definitions are used in the following part of Terms and Conditions:

  • Service - internet service available in sitehoover.com domain.
  • User - physical person who registered correctly in the Service.
  • Account - an entry, existing in the Service\'s database, confirming the fact of being its User.
  • Hoover – a place in the Service where the User places URL links to Internet websites and additional information pertaining to them.
  • Hoover Publiczny – Hoover made accessible to other users of the Service.
  • Administrator - person(s) chosen by the Operator, responsible for running the Service, including especially for technical support for the Users and for making sure everything is in order and that the Users comply with regulations.
  • Contents - an contents added by the User in the Service, especially URL addresses of websites, additional information pertaining to them, folders and images.
  1. The Service offers Users of the Internet network the possibility to create their own Hoovers containing links do Internet websites and to fill them in with Contents of Users\' own choice.
  2. Access to the Service is free of charge and no fees are charged for registering.
  3. By stating his personal data, the user hereby agrees to processing of the data in question for the sake of realization of the Service\'s offer by the administrator, who is the Operator at present, in accordance with the Act of Seym of the Republic Of Poland declared on 29th August 1997 on personal data protection (Journal of Laws, no 101 pos. 926 from 2002 r. with further alterations) and the hereby Terms and Conditions.
  4. The data made accessible by the Users are processed for purposes connected with using services offered by the Service and by user\'s permission, the data can be processed by the Operator for statistical and marketing purposes.
  5. Should the agreement to any of the Terms and Conditions be withdrawn, the User is obliged to remove his Account or notify the Administrators about this fact.
  6. The User can remove his Account at any time, using the option available after logging into the Service.
  7. During the registration, the User states his e-mail, which is simultaneously his login to the Service. The User agrees to receiving technical information related to functioning of the Service and marketing information from the Operator to the stated e-mail address.
  8. It is absolutely necessary for the User to confirm his registration with the activation link he will have received after correct performance of the registration.
  9. The User is obliged to maintain his password secret. All actions performed using the correct password will be treated as if they were realized by the User himself.
  10. The User cannot transfer his right of usage of the account to third parties.
  11. Having more than one Account is impermissible.
  12. The User is fully and unlimitedly legally responsible for all Contents placed in the Service.
  13. The User is obliged to comply with legal regulations in force in the Republic of Poland, especially regulations of the Act on rendering electronic services.
  14. Placing contents of illegal nature, violating the existing law, encouraging racial, ethnical or religious hatred, generally considered to be improper, pornographic, approving of fascism, nazism, communism, propagating violence, hurting others\' religious feelings or violating the rights of others within the Hoovers is strictly forbidden.
  15. The public Hoovers, which contain links to websites of erotic nature, must be properly labeled in their settings.
  16. Using the Service against its purpose, breaching the Netiquette rules, exposing other users and the Service to harm are forbidden. Contents against the hereby Terms and Conditions will be removed from the Service and their author\'s Account can be blocked or removed by Administrator of the Service.
  17. The Operator can stop rendering services to any registered User and remove his Account, especially if:
    • The Service is used for purposes other than for those which it was designed or it will expose third parties to harm.
    • The Service is used against the law in force within the boundaries of the Republic of Poland, against provisions of the hereby Terms and Conditions and the rules of Netetiquette.
    • The User applies techniques and devices disturbing functioning of Service\'s informatic structure.
    • The first registered and activated logging into the Service will not take place within 30 days after registration.
    • User\'s Account will remain inactive (the service is not logged into) over the period of six months.
  18. The Operator reserves the right to irreversibly remove User\'s Account without prior notification and without stating the reason.
  19. Operator\'s decision on remove Account is irrevocable. The user does not have the right to appeal against the decision of Operator.
  20. The User states that when using the functionality enabling him to translate the Service into other languages, he grants an open-ended and irrevocable permission to use the translation within the Service and other services and applications related to it. The User states that the entered translations reflect nature of the translated phrases to their best, according to User\'s current knowledge of the source and target languages of the translation.
  21. The Operator has the right to place advertisement in any form and for any emission time on websites of the Service.
  22. The User uses the Service on his own responsibility.
  23. The Operator will do his best to guarantee flawless functioning of the Service, however, he does not guarantee storage of the sent data and their possible loss cannot be subject to claims directed to the Operator.
  24. The Operator does not grant any guarantee of correct operation of the whole Service or part of it.
  25. The Operator is not responsible for possible damages resulting from errors, breakdowns or breaks in functioning of the Service.
  26. The Operator reserves the right to change contents of the hereby rules and regulations; persons using the Service will be notified of this fact when logging into the Service.
  27. By registering through sending the registration form, the User states that he acknowledged himself with the contents of the hereby Terms and Conditions and that he accepts its contents.